The Essence of She

Ladies Night Experience

Treat yourself to an experience that empowers your mind and replenishes your beautiful soul. When you arrive, we will provide you with a refreshment to enjoy by the fire while you mingle with your tribe.

Once everyone is feeling relaxed, we will spend a few minutes introducing you to our herd where your facilitators will walk you through a comical safety demo and then get you started on building a connection with your chosen horse by grooming, learning about their communication style, and working with them through a series of obstacles created for you to experience positive self-reflection, mindfulness, and empowerment. This is followed by a light guided meditation to promote rejuvenation of spirit.

At the end of our horsing around, you’re invited to sit back by the fire and celebrate yourself and your accomplishments with your charcuterie box and a refreshment, while admiring the beautiful Oxford County sunset.



A Date Night Experience

We’ve planned the perfect date night so you don’t have to. When you arrive, you will be provided with a refreshment to enjoy by the fire while you unwind with your better half.

Your facilitators will then introduce you to the herd and walk you through a safety demo which may, or may not, be Emmy nomination worthy. Then you’ll get started building a connection with your chosen horse and your partner by grooming, learning about how the horse communicates, and working through a series of obstacles created for you to re-ignite your spark, build deeper trust, build better communication, and laugh with each other.

We wrap up your evening by providing you with a beautiful charcuterie box and refreshments for you to enjoy around the fire while basking in a beautiful Oxford County sunset.

Leave happy, refreshed, and with a deeper connection.


Equine Insights

Individual Equine Assisted Learning Session

This is a one on one experience where the horse is your guide. In order to fulfill a life of purpose and passion, you must first discover your true self and what may be holding you back. Once you uncover this, you will begin brimming with self-confidence, self-awareness, and an ability to conquer whatever goals and aspirations your heart desires.

Our facilitators will introduce you to our herd and walk you through an informative safety demo. You will then choose a horse to work with and start building a relationship with them where you will groom, learn what their body language means, and walk them through a series of obstacles designed to promote boundary setting, problem solving, and self-reflection.

Allow the powerful and gentle heart of the horse help you reach your true self.


Happy Herd

A family Affair

Families that play together, stay together. Arrive at the farm and enjoy a tour where you will meet the herd. Our facilitators will then walk your crew through an interactive safety demo and help your family choose a horse to work with. Once you’re paired with a horse, your family will begin your experience by grooming and learning about the horse’s body language, followed by an incredibly fun, fully engaging set of obstacles where your family will re-connect, and share new core memories.

When we’re done horsing around, we invite you to enjoy a real family picnic by the fire or under the shade trees where you can delight in the peaceful atmosphere of country life with the people you love most.