Our herd boss. Even with her small stature, she is the lead mare, taking new horses that join us under her hoof and showing them the ropes. Willow came to us from Touchstone Farms. We had gone to visit Gillian and her herd and it was love at first sight for Willow. She chose Lindsey as her new person and the rest is history.

Her story before Touchstone was pretty sad. She was terrified of men and buckets, and we were told that she was found in a very dirty stall with her foal who had passed away a few days prior to being found. Willow has been with us since 2019.


Joining us in spring of 2023, this lovely dude came to us almost 900lbs underweight with a busted up knee and missing the majority of his front teeth. He is the true definition of forgiveness as he is the sweetest soul, even after humans failed him once.

He is fantastic at teaching people how to be in the moment and leave their perfectionism at the gate, and LOVES to be fussed over, and is definitely a farm favorite. Mr Perry will spend the rest of his days comfortably eating hay with his buddies at Transitions.


Our Monday social media star. She is one of the newer members of our herd. Joining us from Horseshoe Stables in early 2024, it was very clear that Jackie and her team saved Miss Muffin from OLEX for a good reason. While she is known to sport a really awesome Resting Grouchy Face, she loves being groomed and is the best teacher of patience and perserverance.

Muffin’s quirky personality and gentle qulaities remind us to never judge a book by its cover.

Elliott Moose

Ahhhh yes, Mr Moose, the troublemaker extraordinaire. If you don’t see him sneaking through fences and trying to break into the barn, you will catch him lovingly pestering one of his herd mates or stealing the hats, tools, and wheelbarrows from his humans. Moose joined us in 2019 from Stoneridge Stables, where he was born after his mother was rescued from OLEX. He has been an amazing addition to our program, taking his job seriously and making sure you’re ready to lead and laugh. For such a small dude, he has BIG personality


Meet the face behind our logo. With big personality and puppy dog tendancies, it’s not hard to see why he’s the perfect brand ambassador. Thunder is an amazing teacher, arriving here and jumping right into the program like he’s been doing it his whole life.

While Thunder is one of the lucky souls who has not had hardships at the hands of humans, he does have a special story. A little while before I had recevied the call asking if we’d be interested in another horse, I had stated, out loud, that I would love to get a horse just like my grandfather’s old Cheyenne with bonus points if the bloodlines branched back to some of my grandfather’s… Well folks, here he is. A prime example of ask and you shall receive.


Our oldest resident, Ronnie, is the kindest, yet can be the most stubborn, of the entire herd.

She was rescued from a life as a brood mare where we expect that she carried almost as many babies as she is old. She truly enjoys her frequent spa days, and is an amazing teacher of please ask and don’t tell. A true team player, she has been a fantastic part of our program and loves working with people on their journeys to self awareness.


The baby of the herd, Tulsa is not yet in our program. She is showing incredible potential to be one of the star teachers, as her calm and level headed personality is one of her finest qualities.

We often find Tulsa and Lindsey laying together in the paddock when they’re not playing.

While Tulsa is still in training and evaluation, you can still meet her when you come to visit the farm.